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We’re proud of the company we keep. At Planes Global Moving Services, we partner with top corporations, RMCs, and overseas agents from all over the world.


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Minimized downtime. Maximized engagement. We’re aligned with your bottom line: A happy, productive transferee.


Because your clients deserve first class service. With our core focus on people, process, and technology, we put flexible mobility solutions right at your fingertips.

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When it comes to the customer, we are all on the same team. Relationship driven, flexible, transparent, and communicative, we aim to make every move memorable.

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  • Driven by Culture: Our TEAM culture drives everything we do. From our relationship-focused approach, to our unwavering focus on quality, to the processes we create, to the technology we continue to innovate, we’ve got one goal: complete customer satisfaction.
  • Informed by Experience: Planes has been in business for almost 100 years. Additionally, while our move management team’s experience in the household goods moving and storage industry totals more than 100 years, we never stop learning, attending key industry trainings and conferences.
  • Recognized by the Best: As a member of FIDI, Planes is one of the top relocation companies in the world. We’ve also been recognized by our own employees as a “Top Workplace” for multiple consecutive years.
Corporate Moving
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At Planes, we understand how important it is for your employee to have an exceptional experience with their relocation. Not only does your employee and their family require a stress-free move, but they also need a move that enables everyone to be productive, efficient, and comfortable in their new home.

We understand how to manage employer mobility programs and policies while meeting and exceeding the expectations of your most important asset: your employee.

Planes is here to move your people - whenever and wherever you need us to!

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In today’s mobility environment, it is critical to select service partners who truly understand how to successfully navigate the complexities of each client. As a partner to you, the Relocation Management Company, you can count on Planes to exceed the expectations of each client category: the corporate client, the relocating employee and their family, and you: the RMC.

Planes is the right choice to enhance your service partner portfolio.

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Overseas Agents

We all know how important it is to select the best partner to support you at origin and destination. Working with a company that understands and delivers on your expectations - and the expectations of your client - produces the most successful moving experience for all clients. Covering the entirety of the Globe, Planes is uniquely prepared to provide all partner services you require.

Contact us to get more information about the services you need to support your clients, as well as the associated pricing.

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